Employment for my dog? Help

Hello :) I would like to deal with my dog ​​anymore because I have a feeling that it sometimes is totally boring.

My dog ​​is unfortunately fodder jealous or happy defends his toys and food

Does anyone know a game that you can play to employment in the apartment with ,, so a "dog. Quiet also a game in which he has a bit of effort his head.

Thank you in advance :)

The best answer

Unfortunately, the question is really difficult to answer. That the employees would be no problem, are so many funny things you can do in the house. However, it is my opinion from that difficult where he shows futterneid. I'm not a dog trainer, know me only quite well. Without proposing the dog to know games is difficult. I train for example. very happy "sitting", ie so that you can also remove the dog. Respectively, if your dog is really crazy to treats, the exercise falls with space easier because the jump is not so easy. Anyway, I'm going to out of his field of vision and place the leckerli iwo first time on the floor. go to the dog back and say "such". If your dog has never done you'll have to help him try at first to find that leckerli. ONCE, however, the nose on the ground the dog sniffs and hear you immediately to help to him. Ultimately, should be the goal that the dog learns to use the nose and looking at the focus. Ie. if you then already really good, you can start the treats on Iwo up or put in difficult positions. I guess I can not run the whole here as long as is actually necessary, since timing is very important here. You would be best you buy one of the 1001 pet books are explained in those games: http://www.amazon.de/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_12?__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95 % ...

The best would be of course primarily to search for the futterneid a trainer who makes house calls and this can you then also games and employment call for mating with the trouble. Although costs money, but would be the best. Suspected it does not mean that a trainer every week to come and you have to pay, and left only the beginning. once you know how to deal with your dog vl is only once a month.

GLG and much success

A super employment:

I take an old socks and grab 2-3 small pieces treat purely (must really not be much, just so he smells, what is drinne). Then I make a knot in the sock (not fixed, only very loosely) and throw the socks into the living room. You do not like dogs ;-) dig it My old dog lady throwing the socks around like crazy and tried all sorts of tricks aufzukriegen node to said ans Leckerlie to kommen..wie, make the node not fixed, so that your dog also eventually comes to treats and a sense of achievement has.

Have fun :-)

Have a go at times with Dummytraining or track work. Since there is also quite good instructions online.

Increases bond to you and satisfy the hunting instinct.

Nose job is much more demanding than an hour to run after nem way.

Sniffing sniffing ceilings and boxes are also popular.

Among the games or promoting this? Http://www.spass-mit-hund.de/spielefieber/

Bring him tricks

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