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Hi I urgently need help sometimes. So my Chihuahua mix dog was up to the 07/01/2015 in heat, she was covered in any case of my dog ​​(A Tächtigkeit is desired).

Now we are 2 weeks before the ultrasound there we saw 4 beautiful large amniotic sacs but still without content our vet confirmed us a pregnancy and said we need only pass if they would get colored flow-. Well, it was clear we get offspring before yesterday she had diarrhea and had very strong pass it eats since 09/01/2015 nothing and just gets in between semolina as it eats with effortless. Yesterday we were again at the vet because of what had happened the day before yesterday there was found the were 3 sacs empty talk without seeing puppies and only one puppy was said to have but probably had on the ultrasound no heart sound. We are shocked driven to a veterinarian to others because our Tierärtztin ever wanted to offer an injection yesterday. The other vet patted it and said there is nothing and on a radiograph was seen except a solid bowel nothing. Which veterinarian shall I now believe? Gets you a puppy or garkeinen? Unfortunately, I do not know exactly when it was covered, it may be that it is only in the 3rd week and one empty on the ultrasound with water-filled sacs has seen because they are puppies still so tiny and the alleged a puppy only a full bowel was and the other Tierazt simply still not feeling and X could because yes is still so early? We have 10 days again an appointment with the other doctor because he was yesterday so uncertain.

I am already googled the whole time on but I find nothing to my bitch fit also makes them all be signs of pregnant despite which she eats anything she already 1 kilo and 100 grams increased the Bauchumpfang takes but only minimally to the only recognize people they know.

The best answer

Kopfschüttel ......

This is your only concern? Hm Whether she throws money?


Then go to a third vet! Or to the hospital!

My god your dog is sick! eats for 20 days not right! And true health and that will be the reason why the puppies are gone. Or which have adopted. Such a sick bitch sacrifices first the fetuses to save herself because she has zero reserves and stress.

Really sad. Kümmre you even about the bitch is healthy again! eat 20 days no, vomiting / diarrhea. What has the Ta done about it? Or rather you !?

I dont understand......

No heart sounds is gone and your dog can die miserable so the TA wanted to give as soon syringe!

Chihuahua mix - pregnancy desired? That may not be true sein.Und then from no knowledge getrübt.Du not know what's going ist.Einem breeders would hardly passieren.Hoffentlich not paid the little mouse your concern now with their lives. Driving immediately in a Tierklinik.Es must be clarified what was going on ist.Es can also be a dead puppy poisoning the small dann.Ein Agonizing Death Becomes Her then bevor.Anstatt here to write you should with the dog in the clinic be

We have 10 days again an appointment with the other doctor

in 10 days, may be dead, poisoning or starving your dog!

Why should / should your dog ever get puppies and exposes them to such a risk? The animal shelters are full of mixed race !!

An X-ray is only possible from the 50th day gestation period, otherwise the puppy may be damaged. Since your dog has been x-rayed yes, I hope that it is left empty for the benefit of the puppies.

I find it sad that you like about the pregnancy worry but you apparently sch..egal that your dog stops eating since 9.1.15.

When completely unknowing liberated doggie mongrel propagators DIR is absolutely no advice or help to !!!

feel sorry for me can only your dog you probably like to want to abuse as a money-making machine. But that is now fully backfires ...

... and the same as the first question in GF ...

To help with your Google Search: bitch remained empty, fruit plants absorbed, unsuspecting veterinarians do not support attempts at breeding ...

Lord let the brain raining !!!

I wish your poor bitch that she survives this phase of the (non) pregnancy, perhaps it needs to be even totally eliminated depending on how long it still has to deal with it repel its non-viable fetuses = reabsorb ...

And the dog agent should make 'ne announcement ... Why he gives his dog ago for sickening Hundevermehrerei ???

Or yours also the dog?

Oh, is actually not care ...

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