england ... youth travel ... alone?

hey love her :) I has been incorporated to the summer vacation happy to london for a week've already an appropriate supply-found. but I hold no one would ride. I know that sounds vlt. weird but I want to stop simply not just sit there while the others sit around with their girlfriends and jaa: / I do not know if you understand that, but what can I do so I can somewhere find people who love england just like me? wil allene is yes och goofy: DD

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check determined at this youth travel others who do not travel with their whole circle of friends!


for improving your English skills a language travel alone or without their own language support would be best, because you would among themselves talk anyway only in the mother tongue. Also like to send the / the weaker / n, the / the Better / s before.

In classes in the morning in the afternoon is still enough time for culture, sightseeing and shopping.

Compare the offers from different organizations and eighth particular attention to

• the number of students per class (smaller classes are better)

• teacher quality (preferably native speaker)

• the number and length of lessons and out

what is included in the final price. Chargeable Extras make the trip often unnecessarily expensive.

Under the following link you will find a (price) comparison for Courses:


:-) AstridDerPu

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