Entitled to the same money?

I for 7 years working for an IT company (about 200 employees) as a technician, our wages are negotiated with the service manager. We say what we want in the calendar year as a monthly wage is then hard bargain. For 3 years I have been working at a customer together with the freelancer colleagues. A freelance colleague wants to change in our company and has already set his reward desired. His desire wage is about € 700.- on my current salary. Basically, we do the same work, which takes over the team leader function in addition but it makes 200.- € Pro / month so his desire wage is still € 500 more than mine. This disturbs me very because I have worked for the company for 7 years, the same work in the workplace still have make the desired salary of colleagues not yet reached but an external freelancer who works for our company almost 3 years gets equal this money. Available here a way to warn / force the employer that I can also get the same money / month?

Thanks for listening and responding in advance.

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The last part of your text, I can hardly understand, unfortunately.

Looks like when the freelancer more skills or better arguments than you have. He will still make the same (simple) work but I doubt.

Available here a way to warn / force the employer that I can also get the same money / month?

No, the AG finally conclude with each from AN your own contract and on the basis of freedom of contract can force him to do anything.

In your place I would think it over, if it is not yet there reasons that you earn less

Basically, we do the same work,

but only basically. if you negotiate a salary, it also depends on how will be negotiated and what you can. knowledge will be different each time. and then the content will be decided.

If you have a work technically an alternative, you can anything with your employer demand - otherwise max. standard wage

apparently can your colleague negotiate better than you .. so give everything and convince your boss that you're just as good or maybe even better ...


To make it short: "to force" a employer does nothing. There is at the present time so that wage is not = wage.

You can only try to objectively and renegotiate at rest.


So I think as you negotiate bad! When a new and more comes out beats so you deserve, then he can better negotiate!

Find Face it or questioning the new to help negotiate.

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