ersteigert sms x9 card on ebay

Hello I have on ebay a card bought for the festival sun, moon, stars. Now I have heard that might be blocked the cards that are sold there. The seller in which I have bought the card account of the card sends me with, however, and actually everything is still okay or not? I still have not sent the payment. Knows someone from there, I'm worried something.

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That would be too risky to me.

All tickets are sold out. We bow deeply and say thank you!

Please do not buy tickets from dubious sources. So neither Ebay, Ebay Classifieds at your farmer's market or your trust on the festival grounds. The risk of getting palmed a locked tickets is not only real, but also very large.

We bring each fake ticket to display!

If it is a private seller? Give me please to the article number.

> The sale of tickets for the SMS Festival (tickets) is only possible via the Seekers Event GmbH (Seekers or operators) and by the CTS EVENTIM AG as authorized by Seekers ticket distributors.

comes the bill from one of the merchant? If the price is normal? What grounds are at the VK? It may be that you get no probs!

Parking please times the link here. SMS warns of such tickets !!!

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