esoteric characters in crossy Road

hey, I have since today (2.4.15), the new update for crossyroad .. unfortunately there are now 3 new esoteric characters .. White already someone, how do you get the ..? the Leprechaun I've already .. by chance get there you just have to collect only about 10-15 shamrocks .. but the others I do not know :( lg

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Hello ottolo1209,

Unfortunately, I do not because of the new characters but I know how you the hipster Wal kriegst.Der is very rare to get because you can find it only in Wasser.aber not immer.Wenn you siest the Hipster Whale have you up quickly at him go then there is, that you get Hipster Wal hast.Also you can not pricing machine gewinnen.Mein friend has told him.

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