Ethics unjust distribution Note!

The following problems, we made ethics a group work that we got a text and should write us out facts. Each scored a note on its functioning, well and good BUT now is a present the topic of the group and all will have the note (it depends on how well he performs it), only the problem is that issue any senseless philosophers stuff is NOBODY understands. So I think the grade distribution so unjust as if the recitation has a 6 gets the all a 6 get.

Can I / we as anyone help? Is there anything we can do about it (talk with the Leherin brings nothing).

Thanks in advance

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Of course, it's not fair. If it is really bad with the marks, then talk again with the teacher or informed your parents, depending on how old you are.

Or go to the guidance counselor or director.

Probably it depends on the content of the content of you have ausm text rausgeschrieben So is it the group work

I am quite sure that the lecture content graded .A good lecture (acquitted, good debate ...) makes no 1 of totally non-expert nonsense.

What he observes, then counts as the work that has made the group.

And that's totally ok.Stellt again sure what .The graded in detail what you're describing, already seems very questionable, if it's so real, then talk to your parents.

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