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Today I have unfortunately a relatively sad question for you. After communicating with my older bitch to the vet this morning as good as certain that they have leukemia and needs to be put down. My question for you, I have a second dog should be the case when the elderly will eingschläfert?

I read somewhere once that the second dog if he is not present, waiting for the returns of the first and then is depressed.

Do you have something with experience? as ye have done?


The best answer

We have laid the euthanized dog at home on his blanket and then brought the other dogs so. Sniff again, then go their separate ways .... one took a little longer for this type of adoption, the other went no longer get close. Another to put something aside and watched.

Each dog reacts differently. But I am sure, especially in long cohabiting dogs, some time is previously noted: there is a go soon ..... (in case of illness and / or age).

Full sooner than I all did not know this, we have buried the dead dog and the dog buddy could not say goodbye - it was very very bad, he wanted and missed him forever, was very sad and by the wind.

I wish you much strength for next time!


I can tell you only say from my own experience many. My other dogs were euthanized at this never - even though my vet always come to our house for such a sad thing. But then I've always been aware that the other dogs could sniff still times. Whether them somehow facilitates Farewell - I can not say - because I do not know how it would have been otherwise.

But they have their missing pal apparently still some time. They were always very quiet - which I will not humanize the behavior!

Quite bad it was, however, as some time ago by two dogs only one remained. This old bitch was her grief - not twist and also the "no mate be". So we have taken a few weeks ago, a 6 year old female from the animal help - and now is a significant behavioral change in our old bitch determine. They will again walk with she eats, she again takes quite active part in the day's events.

I wish you much strength for the heavy gear and beyond


Hi! For us it was so that we acquired two 9 and 10 year old dog from the animal shelter. The two were together for a long time and the dog was skin sick and you did not know if there will be something else. After 6 weeks it was unfortunately then too late and the dog was also at the euthanasia. When it was over she again nudged him with his nose, turned around and walked out. We thought there would be a big problem, but not. I think that to understand what is going on. If you can find it right, then take them with. Greeting

the second waiting natural that the first returns, but he comes over it. The course also happens when the he euthanize it is.

not be this but adopt from dead animals is important.

When my cat put to sleep I go to take home and showed my dogs.

First - really characteristic sorry :( I know there is only so that the second dog may be depressed if he dies with looks like the first me since then but not so good!..

I am very sorry about that.

2nd dog should can take some of the dead animal farewell -er should not be there, but if he's dead you show me the dead dog he -so white that it can not come back to him ...

lovely wishes

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