Evaluate the required power of the 12v line to PC power supplies

Hi everybody, I have a question to which I could not find an answer on the Internet even after a long search. I want my soon namely set a PC, and wanted here again ask

  1. if the power supply (especially its 12v lines) for my configuration sufficient
  2. whether you can somehow calculate yourself how much ampere you for the 12v lines needs (eg Volts * Amps ...?)

Here my power supply:

http: //www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/500-Watt-be-quiet--Pure-Power-L8-Non -...

The best answer

The Core i5-4670 takes just 90-120 watts, depending on the mainboard. The GTX 960 is depending on the manufacturer with about 120 - to resettle 150 watts. The hard drive and DVD drive you can about 10 - start 15 watts on the 12V rail. (The starting torque to about 40 for security) The fan about 7 watts. Partial performances go here but generally to the 3.3 / 5.0 volt rails. (So ​​uA of RAM). From about> 24 A on the 12V rail, you should be on the safe side.

it speaks from a technical view not much against the l8. depending on what you put value, there are also good alternative, at mindfatory example:

* Antec high current gamer. the same price, poorer protection circuit, loud but better processing and components

* In win green me. cheaper, louder, better processing and components

* Evga 500b. same technique as in the l8, but even once 12v and the fan is not quite so quiet.

* Evga 500w or xilence performance a. Differ from 500b mainly in the efficiency (slightly higher power consumption) and the acquisition price.

or halt the already mentioned corsair cs, which is more expensive but better.

for 960 it would do so in each case, the 400-, 430- or 450w version

My graphics card: http: //www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/2048MB-MSI-GeForce-GTX-960-Gaming-2G -...

would not l8 buy more, it is very old. I would rather take a cooler master from the VS series or a corsair CS500

ok thanks, that the power supply is old, my time being times no matter, it works so anyway and I felt the time being only at the price). So you think the power supply sufficient?

The 12 Watt say nothing of you can take for a Pc also 800 Watt: D

My processor: http: //www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/Intel-Core-i5-4670-4x-3-40GHz-So-1150 ...

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