Every hour test ?! Is this allowed?

Hello, tomorrow I write every hour test in these subjects: Math, English, chemistry, geography, history and physics ... So every lesson: o How can one prop improve his grades -.- Can the school thing? (Rheinland Pfalz)

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Tests are okay because you may write as many a day as you have school hours. Often, however, the teachers speak off, so not too many to write the day. But yes, the school must something.

In Bavaria me it is so that we have 6 school hours and in theory every hour an ex (unannounced brief test) can be written. But our teachers never do that actually. But is also vary from school to school, have you in the school agreement or make such times Zhalu.

So, with us one may write only 1 test per day, ll ask your teacher. He knows determines how many tests you can write. Good luck :)


that is something in common, from your teachers. Every hour a test, I personally find somewhat exaggerated. But unfortunately it is allowed. Class work / exams etc. may be written more than 3 per week. Teste / LK etc. may theoretically infinite number are written - so every hour.

I look at every day on what we have learned in school that day. If I do not understand something, I ask in the next hour, the subject teacher if he can explain it again. So this is actually very effective because you learn regularly and not despair and sitting alone one day before the work to the subject matter. Then you are prepared every day to a test because you repeated so daily.

LG Jasmin

Yes in a test that is legal, that might be all umangekündigt. In work that would not be permitted!

There are tests and no work is permitted.

But I think, the subject teachers should there times rather deny.

How sick is that: D Casual School definitely.

This is not prohibited.

How can one prop improve his grades

By making as few errors.

The school can do anything! XD

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