evil prank ehmalig good friend

I (w, 13) had quarreled with a former good friend (m, 14), because he only felt the contact and stop writing to me then that he wants sex with me. then I asked him if he had got a basket with his ex girlfriend. he meant to say that I was so ne bit ** and then he blocked me. and now I would like to pay him back, but I have no idea how.

Please no comments like: you are but eh too young

Thank you in advance :)

The best answer

blocking him well and ignore him completely. DAS will really annoy him if he should try again someday to crawl :) speak from experience, and believe me if you now any pranks playing you'll nir as toddler represented by him him. although I can understand that you are looking for revenge, this is the best way: D good luck <3

Take a jingle scratch that will annoy him fatally.

Number not punish him, because then he has also again ne reason to pay it home to you. Ignore the ARSC * easy

Haha runs ever hard for you! Put him but simply bad in front of his friends are.

Huh what do you want to pay him back? Honestly what did he do?

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