Ex back ... How should I act?

So ... 2 years ago I had a friend who has just lied to me from beginning to end. He called me a false name and a false age + a false residence ... As I lie at that time I have broken with since I love find out was on a on building worth not ... Anyway, I then blocked him everywhere and we actually had no more contact with each other. But this morning he suddenly resurfaced! My friend pulled me in Whats App in a group and suddenly there "Guro" (so called my ex APPARENTLY) ... But certainly I'm still not ... He says he's Steven lives irgentwo in Lower Saxony and Well ... he gave me a picture of herself sent as I wanted because he proves that he is not! But his stories of that time agree with irgentwie dennen of time with my ex match! And on the image was not my "Guro" of time ... But as mentioned earlier had "Guro" back then and so concealed his name and changed ... How should I deal with it and what should I do?

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How about you this Guro can quite simply be Guro and you hinwendest a completely other Guru, sorry I mean another Guro course. Once you have quite consistently traded and ended the relationship with this Guro and now there is still no reason in this area to think otherwise and ergo whether Steven or Guro, if you have the suspicion that it's your ex boyfriend, then Stay away from it.

Ignore him and stay at a distance .. Finally you will nciht it forced adjacent to endure it? and from the group kannste Just escape

If that is your Lügenbaron of Ex, I would simply block him and finish. There are so many nice and honest guys / men in this world, because one does not have these, a liar.

Want to be lied to again?

I would distance myself.

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