Ex-boyfriend is still the relationship ... what to do?

My ex and I broke up a month ago, because he is on another. First he had shat before a relationship and are then gathered anyway. We then made each other down and hated us but loved anyway. At first I thought it was the other only an excuse ... but then I have lied to him and he has figured it out and was really upset. Knowing that he is nich to the other. My girlfriend has recently asked him if he would still be on me, and he has my geantwortet.:/ we have been a few days back contact and understand each other really well. Unfortunately, I've fallen in love with him again. So I ask you: what should I do. What he thinks about me and if he still loves me?

The best answer

What he thinks of you, you can experience the best of him. personally from him. For this is the 100% best answer to your question. Here are so different people who all think differently and assess how your flame. So, go up to him and ask your question HIM PERSONALLY!

What's that for a nursery? Come together, even though you do not actually want to make each finished he stands on ne other, you're lying ... both apparently jealous and without trust ...

After a month of separation "again" in love?

My experience: if you broke up one time, you should leave it at that, it no longer works after eh ... hats that beforehand obviously not, otherwise yes'd not be separated. And when such a relationship is surprised that anyone.

Warmed tastes just stew and chili!

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