Ex wants to fetch things, nevertheless is still a back possible?

Hello, my ex wants to come pick up their things by a current contact ban of one week. However, I want them back. is a definitive statements from her? and how should I behave in the pick?

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Let you pick the things that do not make a scene trying to stay calm, she Not Press.

Even for you, it will probably not be as simple as (of course depends also a bit of it off, why did you separate yourselves)

Get to breathe her air and the chance without that you you with emails, sms etc bedrängst, calmly think - that's out of my female point of view, the only chance

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Let 'times things happen and try to accept. Then, when everything is behind you, try the advantages to locate everything.

When retrieving possible passively. Accept only once, at least for a while.

You act as normal without being aggressive, insulting them to handle. Let them pack their thing in peace and then go. Go their best out of the way, then you avoid critical situations.

Whether you come together again, only can determine both of you. We do not know it. Now if a contact ban was spoken aloud in a relationship, then pretty much must have happened. Such a relationship is hard to mend, and if so, then only temporarily until the next crash / dispute and then it repeats what you fortunately now have behind you.

Before you try to get them back you should think again why you have separated yourself and think if the problem still exists.

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