Exactly how dogs are bred?

Hi Guys,

I would sometimes like to know exactly how dogs are bred or specific breeds. I read and hear every time how much the animals are tortured by Überzuchtungen such as the pug, in which even the snout was grown too flat and now have breathing problems. But I can not imagine really the breed over the me honestly. How should I imagine that? What happens there exactly? I ask for an exact answer where the approximate sequence is shown from mating to birth of the animals. Thank you!

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By the desired features again crossbreed .... eg When Pug's expression ... this one looks for a female and a male of, in which it is pronounced .... when the puppy comes this bear then amplifies the ,

Or color breeds ... was formerly the Goldie a beautiful golden brown dog .... today it is almost white. This is achieved by cross related animals among themselves with very light-colored coat over several generations ... thus suffers health as well as the character of the animals below.

You know, each breed zealous indeed an ideal ago. This is influenced by the customer, by the judges and by the breeder. When Pug is an area snout when Shepherd a flattened back, when Dachshunds are ermöglichst short legs. Now it is so that Möpfe are not bred with long snouts, instead culturing with tits with very short muzzles. This then also get puppies with very short muzzles. Of course, the breeder is delighted finally his goal is to breed dogs with very short muzzles. Among his puppy has made a pug who has even a little shorter snout than its parents. Den he mated again with a kurzschnäuzigen Pug (unfortunately were to partially performed also matings between mother and son or father and daughter, partly also from other relatives, so used inbred to obtain the short nose).

What the breeder but did not know or did not but just noticed was that but did not diminish the pug, although the outer Characteristics, ie regressed nose, mucous membranes and soft palate of the dog. So "stuffy" so to speak, of the respiratory passage of the mop and the dog can not breathe freely. Or so it is all spoiled breeds. It all started with a breeding goal, on the way there was overlooked but unfortunately that Gezüchten got dog problems.

A spoiled breeding is an animal, what should embody certain physical properties that restrict considerably in his life.

Hello, this is precisely the problem when animals reproduce sexually, (mating) although they have the racial characteristics, but are (if there are viable Dogs) perfectly viable. The problem is that for example, the length of the neck, wrinkles, a lot of fur or none, the color etc. are qualities that are brought together on certain genes and liegen.Diese result, after insertion of the fertilized egg (and genetically "bolstered") uu a perfect example Dalmatians, which is quite wonderful white and great points has. Unfortunately, however, also deaf because the gene which is responsible for the white color, in many cases also results that the dog is deaf .Rassennarren have fallen in love caricatured atribute of breeds, and some give a lot of money that the Descendants of your breed dog perfected werden.ein few other causes and methods are mentioned here http: //meinhund24.de/11-gruende-warum-die-heutigen-rassehunde-ueberzuechtet-und -...

Customer, breeders ambition breed standards and judge beings are a dangerous mix for so-called. Torment breeds.

The customer (future dog owners) is king and wants very small, very long, very large, with or without a lot of fur, specific color, etc. - depending on the mode and power recommendation (s German slant Dog / German Shepherd.). The breeder wants sales and recognition. Breed standards are necessary and do not violate the Animal Health, basically. The judge being judged objectively, but is not responsible for health effects at exhibitions as a precursor of a breed. When breeding selection and breeding test there are other, often much stricter rules. Only with veterinary certificate (which the are is from the respective breed association prescribed), dogs ever come for testing. The association alone decides what is valid and important to him, and if a dog is approved for breeding. It often happens, that is a dog of the same breed in other breed associations differently rated and loosely handled rules. Greedy breeders use that slot - main papers, ie pedigree and profit. This is not good in the constellation Hundewesen and is doubted by law.

What will make a breeder who only successful animals has a chance? he breeds on Beauty and use or to health? The match is an honorable, meaningful Breeder task and very difficult to implement. But it's the last year prove it. A rethink is already done.

Unfortunately, there are still many unhealthy customer requirements: for example very small handy pouch dogs, pretty Sheepdogs who have no hats engines etc ...... This will affect the animal health and is a subject of agony breeding and alleged over breeding.

The dog shows wear their part to over breeding bei.Nämlich with inbreeding.

So sehs times. The dogs of the Judge Y are generally preferred (The judge has perhaps himself one of Dortmund you know each other privately, etc)

This dog conquer principle. Now many want as possible a dog from this breeder. Other breeders jumping on to rail. Oodles of breeders leave as their bitches cover the males of the winning breeder. And so it goes on.

You have to even go to an exhibition and carefully read the exhibition catalog well. Some breed the whole of exhibitors are already pretext directly.

And thus, of course, diseases are passed massively.

The dog charged the crap with his life in young Jahren.Und the owners have to endure a lot of suffering.

A certain breed of dog breeds is quite good to emphasize certain desired characteristics in succeeding generations. Very good breeding results are:

German shepherd dog

Belgian Sheepdog

Golden Retriever (very useful as a guide dog)

Husky (cold-resistant)

Bernard (excellent lifesaver in the mountains).

Today's pitiable Pugs are a result of unscrupulous "breeders" who earn only money are interested. The same applies to newly bred hairless breeds (cats as well) that could never survive in the wild.

These unnatural animals arise mainly through inbreeding, a crime against nature!

There are animals bred, which have a short nose, are the descendants of the mated again with the shortest nose etc ... until the dogs have no more nose, just like the pug, whose skull and nose nix more with a dog, the yes descended from the wolf, have in common. And that's just because people find dogs with round Kindchenköpfen cute. That the dog for life suffer under it and often have a shortened life subject, there is no matter. Undschuld are not only the "breeder" but also the people who buy these dogs. Demand increases the offer, it will then be more such dogs "created / produced .."

This is not a question of pregnancy or parturition. The breeding selection aims to get certain features or enhance. That example. For the pug, the targeted animals are mated with a corresponding plates snout, so that they pass on this trait to the next generation.

Hello Susanne,

there are dogs of a breed bred to each other or even more blatant only animals from related lines, because the eyes are so great or nose so stupsig etc.

And eventually, after several generations, you have that a so-called. Over-bred animal, can hardly breathe the example for this sweet nose or big eyes are inflamed permanently.

LG Bage

But I can not imagine really the breed over the me honestly.

This is similar to when sister and brother procreate together.

Through a few breeding animals, creating a "genetic bottleneck" and in turn caused genetic defects.

11 reasons why the present pedigree dogs are bred and ill

They are not nearly as old as before.
You can not breathe freely, occur when running on their ears and can only then see their surroundings when the wind comes from the front.
You have epilepsy, musculoskeletal disorders and chronic metabolic disorders.
Far too many are condemned already as a young dog to die.

And why all this?

Because people do not just want to drive a better car than the neighbor, but also of their own dog must be small, wrinkled or round-headed as to be mated with each other by anderen.Weil dogs that sind.Weil closely related Champions males too many bitches dürfen.Weil cover many of the successes at the shows is more important than the health of their Hundes.Weil to many breeders conceal the illness of their dogs yet weiterzüchten.Weil dogs with similarly bad heredity werden.Weil bred together with them many growers only their own success in have head and they do not interessiert.Weil all pay more attention to the appearance of the effects on the entire race development as the "inner values" and Gesundheit.Weil the boards of the associations concerned are obsolete or outdated thinking and change as a threat sehen.Weil under Handwash Dogs be channeled through examinations who want due to health and temperament fault excluded from breeding gehören.Weil demand determines supply and too many people, particularly small, particularly large, particularly colored and specially shaped dog. Source: My dog ​​24

by strange kundenwuenschen is emulated ... because people wish you a "possible small dog, who needs little leak" and are bred teacup dogs who are very sick and die early ... breed results to those to achieve is for example always the smallest (and often sickest / weakest) of a litter with another mini gekruezt ... which is very limited gene pool

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