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I have an Excel file where I have a products table with price and item numbers have the first sheet, which are available for rent. In a second and third sheet I would like to create a template for all offers and invoices. If one then enters the item number in a quotation / invoice, automatically, the name and the price of the item from the item table in the offer / bill should be transferred. Many thanks for the help!

Gruss Lukas

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For that you use either the REFERENCE () - function or a combination of INDEX () and MATCH ().

The latter works well if the price is in a column to the left of the item number. VLOOKUP can only search "to the right".

Since the structure of your wallet is unknown, only a link to the explanation of Index (Verlgeich ())

The remuneration you must then according to your wallet and customize the sheet name. From A: A is then for example Table 2 A: A

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