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Servus, I would like to make a presentation at any other Verknüpung AB in Excel, as far as no problem.

= Order! E358

However, I would now be in the AB what I use, enter the number 358 in a separate line, so that, for example, automatically

= Order! E358

= Order! F358

etc. changed

I have tried it with

= Order! F "F1" (in F1 is the value of 358)


= Order! F & F1 (in F1 is the value of 358)

Thanks for Lösungesvorschläge !!!

The best answer

= INDIRECT ( "order! F" & F1)


= INDEX (order-F: F; F1!)

Does it work?

I think you are looking for the "VLOOKUP" in Excel. Http://www.online-excel.de/excel/singsel.php?f=9

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