Exchanges dog toy?

Hello :) I am 12.2. my little dog bought a dog toy in the feeder. That is part of rough cloth with ropes to pull / rangeln tuned. On 13.2. is the part already fully broken, without that we could great play with it. We still have a stuffed animal for CHILDREN from Ikea and holds already weeks .. I can exchange the part? In my opinion, a dog toy should have to endure something and not little after one day play break ..

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Is it because it is to be extra durable? each person should be clear that stuffed toys never holds long and at most is still on it "never alone the dog blah"

You can ask many shops are quite accommodating.

Information Exchange makes no sense, because then the replaced toys is also equal broken. Can even the objectionable, and possibly through grace a voucher or something. My dog ​​dismantled some things, others are only mothers and hold for years, although disassembly would be no problem for them.

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