Excuse to go on Pc?

Hello. I got me gta v bought and now it's come out. I'd like to play but I'm sick. My parents tell me not to pc because I am sick to. I have diarrhea and me queasy. But I want to briefly play only. What do you think, how can I persuade her? : D

The best answer

Say you have to do a school report. Or you can say you get the fabric for morgrn from the Internet and this you do now. LG

My brother, the problem I know: D

Since you bought the game itself, because you are already at least 18 years old, otherwise you would have been allowed not buy, you can not prohibit to go on your own PC with your own Internet access and play your parents.

Otherwise: Dear child, obey your parents drink tea and will once healthy. After you learn to count to 18th

I think the need du garnet even try because the servers are always so overloaded and that lasts forever until the Day One patch downloaded: D

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