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the sting of itself is very fast and does Depending on how sensitive you are, hardly hurt. The tongue swells extremely. For me it was so that I had sucked from the beginning a lot of ice, which has let the swelling go back quickly. So the most important in the healing process is: cool, no smoking, no dairy and no hot or hard food. Otherwise, the food falls at the beginning of difficult, got me a couple of times bitten on piercing, but you learn very quickly and get used to it. I have about a week after the sting lisping something was due to the swelling. But this is also different each time. Pain I had about a week long after the jump, I must admit. Hope I could help you.

My girlfriend has NEN tongue piercing can heal between 3-5 weeks for the food you really ought to spicy foods do without my girlfriend then started eating baby food and mashed potatoes as you will then be very sensitive to pain you should not eat too hot

Hi, I had my last bite my tongue piercing. The jump has me not hurt at all. In the evening, the tongue is quite angewschwollen and until now even that. I eat soup as bread or else not going to swallow. I try swelling with ice to relieve with chamomile tea - has not yet what really works until now. LG julia

Stinging itself: no. Healing: yes. Food: Yes. Kissing: Yes.

bezgl the sting, healing, etc.

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