exposed to dog what to do?

Have just seen a video that will be exposed annually to highway rest stops about dogs. Even sad something like that, I can not understand what is going on in the people before him totally, because I myself am owner of 2 cats and a dog.

Well to my question, what one does in soeinem case? Whom one calls there? (Is always good to know, can always happen that you see something)

If you for example. is on the road on vacation, you can not just take the dog and go down from the highway and find the nearest shelter and bring there.

Thank you in advance! :)

The best answer

As long as you are in Germany you can inform the police which then takes care of the rest ... you do that in France you get best communication that is not their problem, or they inform the Animal Control the next killing which then capture the animal and a bonus cash when they deliver the animal in the Four anti-cross (death). In Spain and Italy, it is similar. If you the private animal rights activists will inform in said countries, which is difficult to one must find the contact, then the animal has maybe luck and comes in as a private shelter, but even that is not certain since people are often inundated hopeless during holiday season and not to come to work.

It is always right to call the police ...

Nobody asked of you, that you bring the dog itself in an animal shelter or a corresponding receiving location ...

If it is possible for you, then you should try the dog to lure so that you can leash it anyway, knitwear, trousers belt or similar ...

But risking any injury ...

I think it's good that someone makes such thoughts times ...

The animal must be first in such a case to a veterinarian! It has to be tested for disease out. From there you can then make further steps.

We once called the fire department. The then came and brought the dog to the shelter.

Call the clerk's office who then bring the animal to a shelter.

Yes you can. I Have already made and the small is become my favorite :)

The best way to calls directly to the shelter. If the animal is also Hurt, then one would have to call the vet.

We had then called the police, although went to a cat, but had brought what still ...

Since you rarely the number of a shelter here have, best to call the police and wait at the site. The cops will come and inform on the road the nearest shelter.

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