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Hi, have a nearly 6 months old dog, who now gets Exspot. I've noticed a 2ml unit by a vet. The said that I want to apply at two locations. I did that, but it is still very much left. Should I even apply or cancel? Please answer fast!

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It depends on the weight of your dog: Is it heavier than 15kg then each one ml between the shoulder blades and 1ml of the tail.

Is it easier than 15 kg grade around the two, 1ml between the shoulder blades.

Do not handle the dog at these locations until the area is completely dry. Some veterinarians do apparently a little hard trying to read package inserts :).

have noticed a 2ml unit by a vet. The said that I want to apply at two locations. I did that, but it is still very much left

if you got 2ml and shall distribute the dose to 2 points, should be applied 1ml per location. Träufel the rest still to and ready!

tick protection - wennd u artgerecht feedin, then this is the very best tick protection and when you walk the dog after each time !!!

jaaaa son dog makes working !!!

every time absuchst by ticks, and removing, then this is the very best especially for a PUP or JUNG DOG with 6 months

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