Extension cord repair - Install new clutch

Hi, how can I repair an extension cord, which was cut damaged? So about 10 cm behind the clutch, where the electric. Devices connect? I would otherwise remove the broken piece and connect the cable ends again and the cable - OUTDOOR - again with duct tape glue from the outside ..... Thanks for the help.

The best answer

for outside? either you let the finger of the electric cables for outdoor use must be 100% protected against moisture and other pollution. patch can be fatal; or you you throw away the whole cable. If anything, it soon. To this 10 cm and close it inside the clutch / distributor professionally again

Shorten the cables to the defective portion and there mount the clutch again.


first of 10 cm piece cut. Then let's see if you can open the clutch. If so, then yes you can pinch in the plug directly back the cable end. If not, then it would definitely be in a better and safer to buy a clutch and then to build this turn. Never clamp together only the cable ends and make electrical tape around it. Very dangerous.

Hope I could help you... :)

Regards, Gyzzmo

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