Extremely acids is how far it really?


had in ner television series seen times like a girl throws a toy of NEM boy in a vessel with acid and the toy is etched away.

Have experience with sulfuric acid taken as a towel can be eaten. But there really acids as extreme as in this series?

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initially counts the sulfuric acid to strong acids, but even among the "normal" acids, there are more, for example, hydrochloric acid, hydriodic acid, perchloric acid. Normal means that they just make an H atom.

A completely different caliber are super acids which act as Lewis acids. Roughly speaking, they tear into the HF F- per se, so that H + as it were hanging in the air. These super acids are again phantastilliarden times as strong as the strongest normal acids.

But for the corrosive effect, other properties are important. Thus sulfuric acid is highly hygroscopic, so strong that it also draws water compounds containing no water, only H and O in the right proportion, such as carbohydrates.

Nitric acid is highly oxidizing, many organic matter ignite that.

But if you are talking only of a toy, you can not really say concrete. It may indeed be made of any material. If it was made of plastic, it is highly dependent on the type. Which plastics dissolve wherein or decomposed thereby, this could write whole books. Man, I do not!

And if children play with strong acids, that would be probably a case for the Super Nanny ;-)

Yes, it depends, inter alia on the material that is being attacked. With concentrated sulfuric biste determined quite well here, since this addition to the dehydrating effect also has an oxidizing effect. However, the attack is often somewhat inhibited when you throw something. In these cases, the sulfuric acid molecules settle first on to the attacked material and prevent (at first) another attack. What seems quite aggressive is perchloric acid and mixtures such as HNO3 / H2SO4 or the like. So acidic and oxidizing.

I once had paint on his hands and my friend gave me some stuff. He poured me some of it in his hands, I took a plastic nail brush and scrubbed .. And suddenly crumbled the entire brush in thousand items and disappeared into the drain. My hands were clean, no burns, but the brush was gone. What was that weird, does not know I am today.

Yes. Is there. And even for spezialiserte applications as you find yourself with the paint on their hands have.

Similarly, there are materials that a protection against certain acid.

Google times for work safe use, acid and you wirdst determined to know more.

Yes, there are acids steel etc. pp. etch away.

Depends on material of the toy. Most plastics are inert to many acids.

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