Eye drops / ointment give the dog - tricks ?!

Hey guys, I was today with my dog ​​at the vet because I thought you would have conjunctivitis, but as I have learned that my mouse a slight inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye has. Of course, I now 1x eye drops and eye ointments 2x each 4x Pcs it must, as it had held bit scary and super Still front veterinarian, I thought it is a no brainer home. - On Ar ***: / she starts immediately, even snaps at me (she NEVER makes otherwise), runs away or turns so that I no longer come zoom.

The eye drops I give her now when she is asleep, which also partly works well. The ointments are already Schwiering rieger that makes it not give, or pinches it to the eye drops so much her eye that I did not aufbekomme it. Do you have any tricks etc. ? It absolutely needs, I have never thought to practice with her, no one can know that something happened once; (, especially since it can make the eyes super clean, but that's not üüüberhaupt!

Thanks in advance!

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Berüht them with the drops only once under the eye (with ampoule) then you give her a leckerli ... You do that again and again and irgendenmal you doing dripping drn in the eye then a leckerli ... With the ointment the same .. . Practice this a few times you have to get that net more make ... Good improve the sweet

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