Eye pressed by dog ​​... that's dangerous?


Is it dangerous if a dog comes running turned up and provided eye with his nose pressed from ... and the eye after a few hours still hurts ... Must because equal to the doctor or is not so bad ...

Thanks in advance for reply

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If the eye was pressed right now you could not see anything. As far as I can make you so calm. If the eye still hurts, then take a washcloth and wet it with cold water. So you can cool only times the eye. If there is not yet much better tomorrow, then you can go to the doctor. But look only times in the mirror the eye correctly, if you have the impression that it is injured.

No, this is not dangerous as long as you can still see normal and do not scream in pain. That goes until tomorrow :) away

I think that there is nothing special but if tomorrow still hurts then prefer to go to the doctor

Yes, you should go to the doctor if you that's what happened ... or just the person to whom that has happened.

Morning all is well again :) This is normal for such an action, and as long as no blood comes out at the eye is not sooo tragic :)

It does stop hurting when you get to face something that is normal

Presumably you've laughed at a slight bruise ...

If it is good for you, then cool the eye ... not cold - but cool ...

And tomorrow morning you'll perhaps violets make a show ... If you then still have pain, then better go to Doc and let the view times ...

All the best

I also had schon.Keine panic. Hopefully you've eingehandelt.Dann no violets you have the laugh on your side when you say that you your dog has black eye missed

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