Facade or a game?

Explanation: Some years ago I had a date with a girl who was 16 at the time she brought her friend with (14), but I took what shopping alone and the other went to the 16th century..

But over time I realized that the 16th century is dishonest, because I wanted to help her because she was so bad, but apparently she was looking for anyway just attention.

The 14th century fell in love with me, but I told her that this would not work because I was too young, I was 20 years.

With the 14th century I thought from time to contact, now and then he broke off because they got on my nerves and it degenerated into armed when some grass grew about it, they came back on, apologized and said that she likes me ,

Then we have almost 1 to 2 years hardly had any contact, it is now 16 and I soon 23rd

Lately, she has included in Camen her friend, even though I did not want anything to do with. That's why later escalated a dispute. The 16 year old was briefly alone with the Cam.

She showed me when she was drunk already half their B *, half undressed and how much they would now "do you already know what" do with me things.

But when I quarreled with her older girlfriend (now 18), she was rude to me at once.

I was so stuffy and boring, am in really unattractive for them.

Then I thought: What's your problem you immature girl "?

I countered and faced with due to the cam and they indeed so like me and do not fit together.

She has only spoken out and said that she just did with the action because she was drunk. (Yes, she had been drinking, had even seen)

Honestly, if I, a person can not suffer (both externally and internally) then I give myself not bother with someone like that, that's stupid. Already I dress not half ago people from doing a kiss, etc.

I would nevertheless not my club or my half n ** body eg partly show before girls that I find unattractive, a bit strange right?

My assessment is that she likes me in genuine, but do not want to admit it. Because it would be very foolish to bother with person who you can not stand. However, one must also include with that girls with 16 still do not know what they really want.

What would you say to that? Does she like me and that's all just a facade? Or is all just a game for you?

Why I'm interested in? Although I was a young man would have to say that is very immature and not worth more to talk to her. I'm just very open and something curious in such legal action, sometimes I show Although the cold shoulder, but mostly I prefer to go a little on the ground. Whether I like them? Yes I do, even if it is sometimes superficial feelings? No. Thoughts on S **? Yes, although caution.

The best answer

Hey so I'm 16 and find that you can not be said of all 16-year-old girl that they are immature I do think that you are right because why should they do anything if you're her "do not care"? So my prediction would be that they wanted to cool show next to her friend, but is already on you, it does not have to be that she has fallen in love with you or something I rather think that they will find you really interesting because you much older than they are I'm it also so whenever older guys in the game, it's a strange atmosphere because you want to a type and white "evidence" when my friend is exactly so and properly goes off in elderly

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