Fahhradtyp singlespeed fixed? What's so good?


consider myself just to get a new bike. The old one is a cheap and worn mountain bike with 21 gears, but I moved and stayed here almost exclusively straight country road with many routes.

Since I always need a new, I wanted to pick up a bike to me. Power simply a lot more sense, however, since the budget is limited, I have the choice between a good single speed fixed or a cheap 21-speed bicycle. That this Singlespeed only one gear has is clear to me, but why are these bikes sold? If several transitions not better?

Although I am so inexperienced that, I tend to think that single speed. Because with the mountain bike I rode from the 21 gears often only in the highest or in a mountain lower, well eliminated.

I would like of you know what speaks for such a single-speed, why it is worth and how it is compared to a normal speed gear.

Greeting L.

The best answer

The whole Singlespeed and Fixie stuff is selling for the hipsters.

It is a little more robust, easier and cheaper, but that's not the reason. The gibts only every few meters, because that's just exactly cool to drive such a pickle.

One advantage does not bring it otherwise. From Track Cycling, Trial, BMX, ... wheels apart. But these are no wheels for normal road traffic.

Apart from the BMX / Trial Bike I would never ride a single speed. I can see permanently here in Berlin as long as the need to get away without transitions around the intersection. I see that as a threat to themselves and other road users.

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