False friends endeckt!

I am 14 and go into the 8th grade currently my friends have become naughty I do not come with those clear my very good friend feels the same, if I'm pissed times then they are nice, That's so childish friends, they are not correct ! I currently have 2 very good friends and a best friend Although I have few friends but with whom I meet not once only 'hello' to say then go back

It would be nice if you could give some advice to me!

The best answer

what is now exactly your problem?

you've got a few good friends :) du bracuhst more?

or you wish no longer allow the nerves to be friends?

if you ask me your'll say something more precise like I try to better help you :) but I see so just not your problem in the thing :)

What exactly is the question now?

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