Familienkasse wants to return money

It's like probably many other questions about the wants Familienkasse money back.

My question is not directed directly to the why, but rather about the how ^^

So .. I have to repay 920 euros. Now, if it can be demonstrated that the obtained and already issued money can be repaid - as is the method which the family budget now performs to get their money?

Opportunities that went through my head:

1) Payment in installments is possible

2.) You want to explicitly specify the overall total, each paid more, the greater the time the total sum to be paid (or other legal action)

. 3) ** But besides all The ** - there is also the possibility that you take the money by ... simply no longer pay the next 5 months:

I hope someone can say to what exact me

Thanks in advance Leo: 3

The best answer

The Family Fund sends you the bailiff, if you do not pay. Thus, it would be better if you pay. Can you not afford the amount at once, so you turn to the family budget and ask for eineri installment. At best, you call in advance an amount that you can pay monthly.

All three are possible.

  1. Installment is only when the payment of the total debt would be a hardship for you. Since it is not enough that you can prove that you have already spent the money received children wrongly. You have to prove that your income is too low to be reimbursed the total amount and that you own also had assets.
  2. If no special hardship exists, the case goes to the enforcement.
  3. may offsetting the child benefit fund ever. If you are in need of help would be II or XII by the offsetting provided for SGB, you should immediately notify the child support check out show. Then they may only offset so much that this assistance need not occur, the maximum häfte child benefit.

First, the family budget would naturally the total. Then you write that you do not have the financial resources and asking for payment by installments. Mach a proposal 30, 50, 100 euros, depending on how much you can pay. These are not inhuman, which is already approved.

Point 3 I do not understand, however. You do not have to claim, but must pay back yet? Then of course you can also suggest that, however, would be detrimental. More than 100 I would offer in any case.

Offering installment on.

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