Fan to the motherboard is significantly louder

The fan on the Main board rotates every 5 seconds for a high second.

At the same time seems my computer to have a few Probelme on shutdown and Windows may report that no longer work properly, but I do not see any connection there. For about half a year I have installed a new graphics card + power supply. There is definitely no hum (no cable in the way). Otherwise overheating nothing unless I can feel that.

Is it the processor?

If Windows is the cause?

Have verifiable eventually leads incorrectly plugged in during the upgrade?

My PC:

Dell Inspiron 580

Windows 7

Processor: Intel Core i5 3.2GHz


Nvidia GeForce GTX 760

Thanks to helpful helper: D

The best answer

Fan on mainboard? You mean the one on the CPU?

Kontrollier times it is securely attached, cable nothing will be wrong because otherwise he would not even run.

Is wahrschienlich just a bad fan.

look to the Fehelrmeldung Just once in Event Viewer and Googling the error code.

Is probably not on the CPU, try it with a new installation driver.

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