Farewell gift for teacher 10th grade

I think I can speak for my entire class when I say that we had a really great teacher the past 4 years. Now it is so far and we have to get away from it in the near future. Since it is very dear to us, we would like to collect unusual gift ideas here. So no 08/15 Gifts. Here are some information about my teacher:

I appreciate it to the top 50. She teaches in the subjects German and art. As far as I know she likes plays and is generally very intellectual.

I thank you in advance



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indicating any quote from a classic (German) of a theater (two cards!) they get paid by you (that would be too creative when it is not immediately obvious) and NEN fat bunch of flowers, since no one can say "I fasting "or" I'm on a diet ":-)

Here are some suggestions of what you give her could so: voucher for a theater performance, a concert, an exhibition, etc., book token, Kunstset (ink, reed pens, canvas, etc.), red pen (jokingly: P), teacher calendar / notebook with pictures of you next year for it, generally a photo book with pictures of trips / projects / etc., paper clips, stapler, hole punch, etc, flowers, chocolates, homemade, good wine, etc ..

Maybe the thing was certainly present you fingers crossed;)

So we have in the school before graduation recorded typical rates of teacher and written from their words and kind a very personal, funny and individual speech, which we have held on the balance. (Is also very well received, because everyone knew them as we have shown it)

After the speech, we then give her a T-shirt with a picture of our class forward on it and behind our classes name and we all signed it, she was very happy about it because it was something they remembered us.

I believe that it is easy to not even are allowed. We had for some reason been the subject from time to time in school. Our homeroom teacher said something of that case what must be considered.

That's why I maybe been, since I can not remember the right thing in me, as it was now exactly: http: //www.vbe-nrw.de/content_id/2356.html session = 2ace305f638b5c0bc83623d4286d7 ...?

Suggestions you've already got a few.

About 20 Euro can not. This must not take that too.

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