Fast and effective learning tips?

Hi, So I now have a problem. So I write tomorrow Latin Schulaufgabe and i had 2 weeks of vacation, but I have not used for learning and I know that it was totally stupid of me, so please play so NOT morality police. What's the fast and effective learning? Thanks in advance Oh I go and in the 6th class'm 12 and it's like saying a Latin school assignment and in Latin I'm so lalala alao Sheet 2/3

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Hey :) 6 class is feasible. I also Latin, did you always like this chapter and there is in each a translation text. So read you to the previously translated texts since the last Schuli the Latin and corresponding translations by. The background knowledge you write just get out so the most important helps. Lg

Always write again, characterized itself shapes the one for. In the worst case, you can still help out your seatmate ^^

Especially in Latin you need to send you a system, you start first with the vocabulary or grammar. and only when you can all, you can try to translate. Try your good focus. Free your rooms from any distractions. Even cell phone has to go! and ginko - tea also helps. Good luck!

To remember could be the vocabulary draw pictures.

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