Father died what happened to the dog?


We have a huge problem and we hope someone can help us or do for us.

My father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly 4 weeks before. He leaves a 9 year old female dog that my wife and I have taken over. So they do not need to the shelter.

Unfortunately it does not work as hoped!

When we are working, they tear off the whole house. Our neighbors have slowly but surely fed up. We dare even not more in the hall. We are only at the beginning of the year moved into the condominium and want us naturally not immediately mess with all.

The last way is the shelter !! What we really do not have the heart, and my father would not have wanted.

We are really desperate and we hope that someone can help us.

Thank you very much

The best answer

you are both working full time? Then the dog is completely out, but it takes time. A favor when ye do not the dog. The dog may be "traumatic". Either you get yourself professional help or better, you give the dog in good hands, namely people who have more time.

How will the Gassigehen regulated? Outlet should ever repeatedly take place on the day and not only 5 Mnuten. ultimately only the shelter will come into question. Ask a question with your animal protection club after that mediate dogs in good hands!

Not to the shelter! Look for a day care to days or board, there are many people offer something, just so that they can have a dog but still want to offer nd it so. In the worst case investigated a private person who takes care of the dog, although it takes a long time to you as a person finds, however, they are found mostly yes.

Either can you organize someone to you can offer your dog or bring her caution to convey him to own almost is certainly a better feeling when you know that he is in loving hands and you can visit him. LG

My friend had the same her father died and her dog was present at the accident. Lange everything was all right, but then he has to start to bite. They then am Chiemsee (can not remember exactly where, a city with a B) found a kind of home where the people who work there the dog help speak to forget. Unfortunately, the dog can then no longer in the old family but then when it's time to give a new family. Well, better than the shelter? Can you inform the Internet even once.

trying "day care" to organize for the dog one. perhaps there is in your restaurants et a (retired) couple or a single person that during your working hours can take care of the dog itself. until then you should definitely seek an expert who will guide you into the trennungsaengste (are not surprising, and the world of the dog's death his relative person completely thrown out of joint) to obtain and the will to destroy the handle.

my condolences and good luck

Hi, of course he has to nibble just to the dead as you. If so perhaps to be more uncertain than usual. Would highly recommend to have come a dog sitter, guess he will have fear of loss and which can be so first encounter until there is time the dog's teach. If you every day more than 7-8 hours away from home since and will not get better in the future, I would recommend schnon the dog might give a new home in another pensioner who is always at home. Shelter is indeed for the little hell if he ever home alone so suffering, but before you enter your home loses, because you will otherwise lynched, so that remains so in the end only as a last resort. Would therefore ask times in Tiehreim how it looks with operator assistance, he would long remain with you, so if it works with the dog sitter.

the dog has lost his caregiver, must be found in a new environment with new rules rightly and hours left alone because their works. All these things are an enormous stress for the old Tier.Hat they that remain alone already skillfully without any problems? You have to teach the dog this new, best if you have vacation. Until then, a dog sitter should be during your work to look after them.

Maybe something (link), because the dog also can not stay alone all day. Https://www.betreut.de/tierbetreuung

As hard as this is all for you. The dog belongs in experienced hands. You're both working and not have enough time for the animal. If otherwise then goes up to the shelter

Either you look for a dog sitter or a dog daycare or her checks if you can not take on the work the dog. And important would be the training. Preferably with a Rütters DOGS coach who really namely a high quality education.

I just remembered what exactly do you mean by it is called from the house ??? So if it is barking then I can recommend a very good thing and that a so-called Bark collared it available at Pet for 30 or 40 € to buy because it is perched Spreegold soon as the dog barks or yelps what the dog naturally do not like and you today because barking ..! This has in my little dog also works, I would not have heard I should have represented him because the neighbors wanted to blacken me Ordnungsamt because the dog has always made at night when I was gone

That sounds like a Dejavu for me. I had exactly the same with my ex-boyfriend. I wanted to go with him. And then BAAAAAM _> his cell phone .... I get out at the end that he cheated on me with three or four women, and even prostitutes I do not know how many .... Believe me better a terrible end than horror without End. Even if it hurts! Think of something worse: yourself to be ashamed in front of the parents that you come back again and have picked the wrong, or with a man to live together the always another fucks and then comes home and kisses you and assures you that he loves you? You'll decide you correctly determined. A lot of power for good luck &

I mean as something like Conveys a day care *

A private person looking for the animal accepts

Hello Jojo,

my condolences.

Call to the animal welfare and ask for advice.

I know of a case in the circle because the dog was mediated in good hands.

All the best.

Bring up. In no case the shelter. It is there already enough dogs badly. Or sold / given away him. But it should be fine.

O that I am very sorry :-( what is that for a dog I have a very big heart for animals ... we may be able to talk even once if you have no day care or found not want to ....?: ( Best regards

* Lemons Spray * laughs, not gold

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