Fear of certain school subjects

Hello, I have now logically back school. 7 hours. As every Tuesday. Above Show & figures and religion I somehow totally panic. In presenting & figures, it is logical: we have there today put on a spectacle, which my partner was sick in the hour yesterday. It was the prop he does not come today, but it It's better - so it does come. But today it is listed on music and we have to behave normally with, also to note. Although we had now four weeks no school, have therefore not rehearsed, and yesterday even. As I understand even why I am afraid. But I also fear of religious instruction. Where there not times what is present (test etc.) ... Can jmd tell me how I might get it under control? I sometimes completely groundless afraid to go into any classroom.

What can I do?


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Fear is perfectly fine, as long as not rampant. Try to be stronger than your fear, and convince you that everything is fine, and eventually one believes himself to it.

Can it be that maybe you have not before class in a specific tray fear but rather to the teacher, because the perhaps too strict or has made some remark to you that you did not like? Think exactly about it. If this is so, then you might be able to help with your problem with the teacher your class representative or the school counselor.

Know too good. Listen before class music or something to distract you. Otherwise you have there unfortunately to make the eyes and through.

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