Fear of dental caries (treatment)

Hi, I am 16 years old and have at one of my back teeth noticed that in the middle of a kind of black hole, I thought at first that it would be either crumble a oreo cookie, but even after repeated thorough brushing I got the " black "not going away, now I have to be afraid, caries, pain I feel no villeicht a gaaaaaanz slight rumble, but may also be of imagination now so

anyway, I have to be afraid, caries, and if so, I have fear of the treatment, I fear that this prepares hurt me, and I wonder at the same time if I should immediately order the dentist, or if I was still 1 1/2 wait a week can I grade must write to have lots of tests and actually busy learning every day from morning to night with am

I know that I caries not to wait, but my question is whether it is bad when I schedule doctor to still 1 1/2 hinziehe

please send me everything I could help somehow a response, I want to be informed and to know what happens and if it hurts, I should have because caries

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Eune caries treatment is not bad at all. If you want, you numb your dentist the place and you notice nothing! And it takes less than 10 minutes, if at all ... It hurts it only if you can not handle it and it all pretty inflamed purulent and n e gum or wurzelebtzündung etc to come .. Then it really nasty. And learn with is probably ne excuse. The dentist takes ja nu not hours. And can even book n to take the waiting room and get there ...

Hey Woops!

I understand you (fear, feel the same way) very good, but consider the following times:

The longer you wait, the bigger the hole may be (if it is for one) and the more complex (and usually painful) it is then. My advice therefore: Ar ... squint, call and not be pending.

Do it like this: call to the dentist, usually you get eh not an appointment or if it does and it does not fit in your degree scheduling make an appointment just laid in one or two weeks out. As long as you do not have pain, that's no problem, and the issue is finished anyway promptly.

TrauDich, it will be better if you wait ;-) Greeting

So 1.5 weeks you can wait quite yet. Calls but most of the same and make an appointment for 2 weeks, and say that you have no pain. Then you have the appointment relatively quickly after your exams. Watch out for the Christmas holidays.

If there is a caries, that's not a doomsday. You can get a syringe, the dentist drills the hole and removes the caries and after a filling is in the hole. If it is only skin deep then we can do that without injecting and without pain. Possibly, it is also only a discoloration. can without the tooth to see the but none say.

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