Fear the dog to go out!

Since my dog ​​and I were attacked by two large, not leashed dogs, I'm afraid that I meet the man with the dogs again when I walk with my dog! Now I MUST get out but and no one from the family understands my fear ... What should I do or how I overcome me?

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most dog owners take always go stretch the same to walk. just go a different way.

show those on cursed. if he has dogs that just as time attack passersby, then he has it will also need to have on a leash to hold .. then no fear more. so simply running the hase


stay calm and go with the dog out. Maybe take a different route. If you know where the man lives, inform the clerk's office.

But what is in your case, "attacked"? Dogs are often really aggressive or behave or dogs "regulate" the most with plenty Tamm Tamm and a few lost hairs themselves and go their way if they are socialized.


Was something like that with us. If something happens to run on any event clear. So for dog is running away = prey. Similarly, if these 2 dogs are unchecked, then make your dog off the leash so if they come to you too close, or you have too much anxiety. Can not tell you how you overcome your fear can but I just thought Yolo only.

Aufjedenfall luck you can cope with!

Go a different route than the man with the big dogs.

Just go best another away

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