Feel a dog something like separation's pain?

So I assumed would give my dog ​​.. he feels something like separation's pain? So can miss a dog?

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Yes, a dog feels separation from the pack as a very "painful" and he will miss "his" people very.

We have withdrawn some time ago a 13 year old female from a litter, because the owners are deceased. The bitch has mourned for months for their lost people - although they knew us well and in all these years had been frequently visiting us. It was shocking to see her suffer like that.

You probably feel a dog pain of separation. In addition I have seen very touching videos, have only just no LInks it. But you can assume that the affection of dogs is real and emotional and that they suffer as if the caregiver is away. How long and how strongly, but that can be sure different.

Yes, in any case. There are dogs who miss their master or mistress so hot that they eat nothing or nurnoch are sadly in the corner. There is also a true story of the dog Hachiko! Do you know the ? If so, then I think that your question is clarified in the example. If not enter the Internet times Hachiko dog and let what is about him there. Hope I could help you.

Yes. Dogs build up a relationship with a man. Runs this well, he also feels some pain of separation. How old is he?

When my father died is our former family dog ​​tuned gone slowly broken.

She sat and stared into space, made in the apartment and had lost the will to live.

We could still get About 1 year alive, but despite all the love they built still further. She had gone a proper mental crack.

That's one reason why I could not even imagine, give my dog.

Yes, the dogs can feel the emotions and then mourn with

Yes ... Dogs can miss and dogs can also mourn ...

If you want to leave a 3 month old puppy, then see to it that he comes to people where he is better than in the past - which is now meant no harm, with you he can finally have been only for a few days ...

The puppies find it easier to take goodbye when it comes to him in a new and exciting home ...

... Hopefully the boy is not a trophy,

All the best

Yes Dogs feel often the moods of people.

na and how he kann-- that there are animals who are suffering for months under the separation from former partner eat wither nich tmehr, lein loss have more play on, --we are would say -depressiv

-As get it to doubt that ??

vice versa recognize you your dog even after years again - much. not at first attempt but gradually anch white exactly who you ever were.

Aufjedenfall even more than some people

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