Feel always limp unless I drink iced tea?


I noticed that I often feel tired and Normally-. Since no help Energy Drinks. I recently despite Energy Drink asleep on Sunday.

Otherwise it looks when I treat myself iced tea. Then I feel alive and could uproot trees.

Why is that? Am I chronically hypoglycemic? If the on Tea (caffeine)?

The best answer

try it just once to feed you healthier in general, then you will feel better and will automatsich such drinks no longer need

This can be anything possible, but it may also be that you're simply been "addicted" to the iced tea and your body more or less a "withdrawal" makes, when you drink no! If you survive this time, you'll soon be able to be monitored without iced tea.

Ifs the sugar would, you were also well served with energy drinks. It will probably be the caffeine. Perhaps the vitamin C, which is added to the most iced teas.

It would also be possible that you have an iron deficiency. These are namely the symptoms that can occur when iron deficiency. You can buy you at any pharmacy a few iron tablets. I do not know now whether Icetea contains much iron, but you can try it even with the pills.

yes his can, and also when you use energy drinks should know that it does not last just long.

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