Female dogs name-what?

Hi, I soon get a very sweet dog and I'm on Namenssuche.Bei males the name choice would be much easier for me like, naja.Ich would like to be a falleren name, not Bella, Luna, Amy or so.Aber not so ridiculous as Aurora or so.Also to jz I like Maggie and Doroti very good, but my friends want other Namen.Nun is the question for you, how can I call my little mouse? Thanks for answers :)

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Just pick here:



how about - quite independently of the sex and the breed - a dog names from television, from books or comics?

z. B.

- Rantanplan (dog Lucky Luke)

- Idefix (dog of Obelix)

- Lassie

- (Tim &) Tintin

- Bosun (Tjorvens dog on Saltkrokan; Astrid Lindgren)

- Susi & the Tramp (Disney)

- Pongo and Perdita (101 Dalmatians)

- Rosebud, Molly, Buddha, Budderball, Mudbud, B-Dawg, Buddy (Airbuddies)

:-) AstridDerPu

your dog, you can call it what you want: it's your dog and the name must you like, not your friend. "Maggie" or "Doroti ''s perfectly ok, I personally would for a dog also liked what with" Princess "(with a dog" Mr. Smith "would be my favorite, or" Let It ").

How about Nala?

Cassy, ​​Lina, Hattie

Maybe Cleo?

I now call simply times those of the females that I know so here: shari, Molly, Lotus, shila, lucie, Nischa, Sky, Laila

Tali or Leila.

Coco or Lilly :)

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