File is opened with the wrong program.

So the file that I want to open editor opens with what I do not I want but can not open with ... Select knows who ne solution?

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What type of file is it? When it comes to desktop shortcuts?

These registry fix loading times you down:

After the download of the folder, the folder must first be unpacked. After you open the file which is located in the folder, and then a warning appears because the file would change anything in the registry. You have to press so that the change can be applied the warning.

The settings in the registry of shortcuts are again as in the installation of Linux on standard reset, so that everything can be opened to normal.

If you are doing the do, you will only have to restart your PC.

Just try SHIFT + right-click. So the option is to be shown (with ...).

Good evening, If you save the file with Notepad, you choose Save from below and there would have to be an option with them .yml or with what you want to save it be.

LG, Domme

simply select your desired program as "standard program" from. So how can you make it in Internet browsers.

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