Film wanted, but only one scene in my head ...

Hey guys,

I have some time with my family a Diskussi running a film we have seen time running: D Sorry, I can only remember one scene and so far could give me any help to find out to what movie is ... It was as far as I can remember, a thriller in which a Ermittlerduo consisting of a woman and a man who was at the center. About n the crime to the it was, I know nothing: / Anyway, it happens that the two engage in a ship their investigation. Now the scene is stuck in my head is: One of the minor characters, a blond man, who is the captain's son, is shot during a storm on deck. His father might try to track the killer. I mean also to remember that dee assassinated had previously also mentioned, the only reason to be on board, because his father had there worried him a job. I admit that the scene is totally unnecessary and it could be almost any movie, sorry: D But maybe someone here has 1-2 proposals by which it could be, because I wonder which already really long: D

Thank you in advance, Klaus the mouse :)

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Schimanski Duisburg

Sorry about the spelling mistakes, have a few typos on mobile overlooked :)

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