Find a new power supply for my pc

Seeking a new power supply. High quality at nidrigstem award and it should be modular. I have a palit geforce gtx 750 ti stormx, an intel core i7 2600k and my mainboard is a fatality p67 professionally.

The best answer

http: // ...

a cooler master g450m is also a reasonable choice.

I think if you have a power supply of BeQuiet! Are buying, you're in sachfn price / performance on the safe side. 500 w should gebügen. However, I would suggest you to take the same 650w. If you want to upgrade.

The price fits already but I would like at least as much as we I had with my old power supply. Since I had 550Watt

high quality there not for the cheapest price, and certainly not with cable management.

Record Be Quiet! Straight Power E9 450W (69 €)

http: // ...

Still too expensive or adjusts the price?

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