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Hello everyone! Seeking despair a truly refined and exclusive Hundetransportbox that looks very chic in my car. So a kind of dog car seat, for our small Havi ... All I've found is, either from cheap plastic, or made of heavy metal. Or the whole looks like a pocket and does not correspond in the least the safety car. And back in the trunk, they should not be landfilled. Our Havi is already sitting forward with .... Already googled the car without end. But always the same, poor results: plastic, plastic, plastic ... I would be infinitely grateful for any tip !!!!!!!!!!!! Many, many thanks in advance. Best regards from Pete

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jup, our dog is domicile of petbox manufactory, four courtyards. but invite small -makes super pet transport boxes. is specifically designed for small dogs. as I recall: or de :)

important than optic sit the security, I see boxes of metal fixed at verbundloesund seated al optimally ... 9gibt it in Messig / silver or black)

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