Find good smartphone for up to 2 years in use with the following factors:

-should not more than 500 € cost -sized display -good cameraman or it should please also look noble son no s4 because I had and was so dissatisfied and nothing of samsung and htc How about the i phone 4s or nem sony ods? ._. but please give your own examples and no unknown brands and if link please only at amazon many thanks

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HOW about a BlackBerry Passport? Incomparable recognition value, very well made, stable (thanks to stainless steel frame, not so cheap aluminum), high contrast, very long battery life and a hardware keyboard, which beats any touch keypad by far. In addition with BlackBerry 10.3 one of the most innovative, best and safest especially smartphone OS that there are.

Hey :) Have a Sony Z3 and am very satisfied. It is very bright and can be in my opinion good photos shoot it. The battery lasts a long time and the design I find very beautiful. I do not know how much the new cost, bought mine used. But you have since there is made of glass and watch. Is my rungergefallen a few times and already there was a plan behind. But should not be a problem if you wear a jacket or other or just watching :)

Why do all the really only the best? If you had an iPhone 5s, why did not you keep it? -.-

I I hate samsung hasssssse it so much my s4 was sooooo cal *** !!!!!! -.- If not mot me again samsung the largest plastic scrap had a s4 and s3 mini both the largest dre ** !! !!! -.- and 5s I once had that was coool

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