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Good day,

a good friend of mine has recently turned to me. He told me about it that he has pretty much alone and is undglücklich and changed quite a bit. He was pretty bored easily and quickly aggressively. He described to me that he has indeed quite comfortable at a meeting with a friend, but did not know what to do and prefer to hide and wanted to flee. In love and friendship relations, he feels obliged to anything and relatively inflexible. That's why it is also in question whether he is capable of a harmonious and good relationship with another man.

I promised him that I will get it right he can be happy again and I have already formed my own advice on the issues raised. But I'm pretty insecure and would love to get a second opinion and maybe better solutions of neutrals.

So my question to which I could be my friend help to be happy again, or to give it a good approach for this?

Sincerely Patientia

The best answer

So I also have a friend who is similarly I went I then turned me to my parents (I'm still quite young)

I can give to the question is no right answer ...... very sorry .....

But you can not take all the burden on you and you feel for him "guilty" .... Not that afterwards you'll still unhappy

I hope you understand what i mean

Good luck to hire someone else can help you further


Schenk him the book "The lucky breakthrough"

How old are you?

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