Find Men deterrent to pretty women?

I've been thinking for some time, the time and also have small "experiments" done to see if men are more likely to come to you if you look good or normal wunderhübsch are! I came out they the "wonderful charming" appeal only if there has been an other tried and it has made it ... So question for the men: you find it daunting when we are too pretty and rather say that on "your level" at? Thanks in advance to advance;)

The best answer

Like someone had written here before.

Hollywood effect

The belief that the prettiest features are mostly already taken, and it is therefore not worth it even to address.

The chance to get a basket at prettier women much higher than in 'normal-looking' '

I would think more of an appeal in my level ... all depends on :)

Boku no pico

Rotate the thing but to, you dare always completely confident a very attractive man, or even to raise your flock?

I find rather Your attitude and behavior deterrent ...!

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