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I would like to make an exchange in the United States for a few months. I'm not the best in teaching English (satisfactory / high school / 8. Class) but in the everyday application, I'm ahead of most of my class.

Now my question: who knows a placement page where you can look for a partner of a for a certain period and optionally receives a person from this family comes to me to Germany?

thank you in advance

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As for the marks, so the whole thing is not decisive. I myself have taken a gap year in the US and had not a very good report. In English I was, as far as I remembered on. 3

You will, as far as you have no acquaintances there, probably not come to an organization around. I was there as with iS. The course, are not cheap, you're right. Because you are but only in 8th grade and an exchange usually takes place until the 10th you have a little time. If you want to make an exchange, I would suggest you still a whole year, since such a short time usually just nothing brings. For me it was so that I once took about 2 weeks to even be able to understand the language completely, since it real then something sounds different and the accent of course happen.

This classic 'exchange' alsp that then someone comes to you, make the fewest. But I know for example that large companies offer such a thing, if they also have locations abroad. (Specifically, I'm thinking of BASF), where employees can apply and their children then visit each. Work your parents may also be in such a large company? Provides there maybe the possibility?

In addition, if you should decide you for a Austasch in the 10 to make, you can apply yourself for all possible grants. There are those some even totally simplistic singing especially great for left-handed or for children or a doctor for children. The there for everything, everything. Maybe could you because sometimes make smart. Partial then take over some, but partially the whole stay + pocket money per month.

I hope I could help you :)

LG Shiska

Hello :)

As already said in the answers, so classic exchanges have become rare. For a year abroad you're safe just a little young, but could you even think something like that during the 10th grade to make. Because you mean so that the money is a bit tight with you: many exchange organizations offer scholarships and also independent of the Orga some scholarships are offered. Why do not you at past, there are many answers to your questions about student exchange and you get a great overview of the deals of some organizations.

Have fun browsing and I keep my fingers crossed that it works!

Hi, I was also a year in the US My Orga is Intrax and I made really great experience :) Do not worry your grades are nihct of your plans stop you. I was to be allowed even one of the worse in English and neither safe in the debate in the grammar, but for the test to the gap year before my exchange year has it :) handed Besides, you are then yes really great in terms of the language;)

In my Orga it is so that you come into a homestay that suits you some with children in your old and not in part but which is selected very carefully. In return, you can if you want to also exchange students take with you home, so be yourself homestay, then you can pick your family who fits to you (together with the Orga) :) But as far as my experience this works great, you have as much information about yourself hobbies etc make this a good match is :) Greetings

Something is rare at your age, or even impossible. If it is a student exchange, you should do this in any case via an organization. Then you still can someone local, contact the you're in an emergency.

Drop by the organization "EF". The have a lot of good deals.

Ask but your teachers? With us is something always controlled from the school :-)

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