First Book of Dreams

Hey guys :) I have often wondered how the book-the first book of dreams is and whether it is worthwhile to buy this book. Please help me, takes it as soon as it gets to know. (PS: you know possibly the book "before I die") or if the book is not good, you can give me another then recommend? Thanks in advance :)

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The book you should definitely read if you fell, love and fantasy books really well :) it's worth

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Yes! The book is a great * - * A few recommendations from me: -all books by John Green -House of Night-Night School -How Monde as Silver LG

So the first part is still quite nice. Nothing particularly, the plot is actually watching already ahead). But the 2nd part is incredibly bad, so let's better not touch it.

But you can even possibly in your public library to borrow, issue Simply drop by.

The book is called Silver the first book of dreams Sorry :)

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