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Hello dear I want to fulfill my long-awaited dream of a dog ... My mother is why we live in a nice big house with a huge garden .... near is also a huge piece unbeflektes country ... herlich to let off steam ...

I would like to buy a medium-sized dog ... have already thought of everything ... I would merely me a little more info ming (Will yes it the dog goes well) .... ye had me beginner tips ?? ? Would be happy ... Especially if you have tips with the control ... and be up when the dog has logged ... etc. : D LG

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Call how much the dog costs at your church and ask and when it must be registered. Can you really say that you you are thinking to put too.

Normally, a dog must be registered within the first 4 weeks. Price varies from community to community.

The dog should be insured liability. In some states even mandatory. But it should be done in any case, because you never know whether and what the dog can do to damage.

A medium-sized dog will cost per month incl. Food, taxes, insurance and vet bills reserve va. € 150, -. Do you have the money or do you want the output? Excl. natural toys, dog beds etc.

Grounds, garden and house is great. but dogs especially need time. Time for walks (3-4 times a day a total of min. 2,5 hours), time for education, games etc.

Dog may not really be alone too. If a dog is grown up and it is usual (you taught it to him reasonable) then he can stay alone. but maximum 4-5 hours a day. How is that for you?

Holt says your puppy a 24 hour service. The can not leave you alone you.

Have you thought of all this?

Purchase you and what I would recommend books about puppies, education etc. - the book "dogs would live longer if ..." by Dr. Ziegler. In the book it comes to nutrition, vaccination, deworming, etc. Also, one should as a dog owner - best know it.

As far as I know yet you have to register his dog about 2 weeks time. The tax can be paid every 3 months in stages or jährlich.Natürlich is a dog is a great pet, and with good education, a great friend for life. But remember sometimes a dog can get sick. That's why I advise you next to the dog liability insurance which also costs a year and is very important also - I do not remember exactly but as they say something like that, "OP insurance" complete. This you can but the vet explain the you should go right after purchase of the dog to let abchecken to your dog and eventually uproot and leave seeding which also takes money to complete. Or sign in and create a savings account only for the dog, which makes much of the worst case, if what needs to happen sollte.Dann are still considered the dog mind. 2 actually 3 times a day well out must in all weathers. The need to be alone are taught him when the family goes away from home to work and the dog must be protected when it comes to holiday! If there are any questions :)

I would like to buy a medium-sized dog

Dog ownership costs time and money and a dog should not even have to stay for hours alone.

Sign in You have to him by the city administration, there you will also learn what it costs. Often a proof of insurance is required.

You should purchase only times BEFORE books on dog ownership and their care and needs to read so that you are well informed about everything!

Unless it is to be a fighting dog, the tax should surely play a very large role with you. He must be logged in immediately.

Just look at what other people have so for races and then decide which you like particularly well. It comes but also on your expectation. Whether the animal is to be more a pure cuddly dog ​​now, or whether it may also be wild and stormy.

In our first dog we bought and furnished alles2 weeks before the arrival of the dog. Have him (Leonberger) used from the beginning andas alone so that he can stay discounts for 8 hours alone. Taxes are in my region at € 80 and € 100 1.Hund when 2.Hund. We have our dogs registered at least one week after arriving.

Our enclosed plot is about 1000qm² large because the two can have fun all day. Morning when everyone is at work or at school, they come to the kennel (approx 32qm² They say the greater the kennel, the more manure makes the dog).

We go every day at least 1 hour walk. With us the two fresh meat with RoyalCanin sometimes also get egg or pasta or rice ... something halt.

a dog does not need a huge uncontaminated country (that possibly also heard someone who has something about it that you use it as a pet meadow) - but people the least run 3-4 interesting gassi round with him ... a dog needs serh vile time undaufmekrsamkeit. longer than 4-6 hours aollten also ausgewachsne dogs not be alone.

by dog ​​attitude and pet education makes you look initially about Tellura Rota lessen -da sly there are excellent books in the animal learn your question is clear to see that you've still inromiert far too little.

for beginners, a young dog is often suitable animal shelter from the, there are obtained many tips what ntwenidig and presuppose at dog attitude ...

because of the dog tax you have to inquire on your community -the is regulated differently in ejdem place.

Is because in the beginning someone there? you can simply leave hours alone a dog. The many underestimate. A dog must first learn to be alone, nothing is bad and you start with Minutenweisem workout. it takes weeks, months and the dog relaxed stays with yourself.

Dogs cost a lot of time and are expensive. Beginners should reflect in a dog school, you do very quickly much wrong.

with us you have 3 weeks left to register the dog. Taste with us 60, Dür the second € 80

Get you literature on Ebay informartiere you on the welfare.

Why buy? you can not ask in the animal shelter look there are the many sweet and love are searching for a home. you can watch yes times :)

Find out the most about education! This is also very important because if you are doing right from the beginning all you have it later easier. Think of the cost and the time. ask yourself whether you can do it once to pay all the costs, and if you have enough time every day. What I would suggest you would a dog school especially if it is your first dog. Best wishes and good luck!

For 10000000% a Labrador retriever.

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